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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 1, 2012 5:00pm-5:09pm EDT

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of the building's original tenants. today his neighbors and friends are heartbroken. >> very, very friendly, outspoken, cared about the community tremendously. >> never knew a stranger and contagious happiness. if you saw him while you were in a bad mood, you felt guilty for being in a bad made. >> the security guard last saw hampshireim as he left to take his watch. >> we did not have our talk today. >> he was a history teacher at marymount university in arlington. he had taught there for more than two decades. the school is planning a service to honor his life. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy abc
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7 news. >> it was also a very sad day at six in middle school today. 13-year-old kyle morton and his father were killed when their plane crashed this weekend. richard reid has the latest. >> we were actually at the airport. it is about a mile or so from the crash site. the plane actually took off from here and tonight, this community is in mourning for a father and son. the downed plane is now cut into pieces. investigators are moving the wreckage elsewhere in hopes of finding what caused this deadly crash. >> is horrible. i cannot believe it. >> 48-year-old john morton and his son kyle were killed when the plane crash. kevin morgan was just arriving
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home around 4:00. >> we tried to do what we can. we checked for signs and did what we could. >> neighbors say morgan, an experienced military and commercial pilot was working on the plane, connecting takeoffs and landings from the nearby airport with his son on board. >> i do not know if the boy was trying to learn how to pilot or if his dad was not feeling it or what. >> we looked at all the controls the power, the engines, anything we can collect. >> many here who saw an unusual flight pattern suspect engine failure. >> it went up in the air steve. it was like it was climbing straight up. then it lost power and came straight down. >> many are thinking about a father and son whose lives were cut short. >> i saw them as they were
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pulling out, blew the horn, wave, never going to see them again. unbelievable. >> most here do not believe the weather was a factor. it was 70 degrees, calm wind, of visibility. many suspect mechanical failure, but we not know any real answers for about a year. >> the supreme court is back in session after returning from a nearly three month-long break. during its new term, a wide range of issues like gay marriage voter i.d. laws and abortion are expected to go before the court. >> it is hard to believe, but now just 36 days until the election. president obama and mitt romney are getting ready for their first presidential debate, which is wednesday. both candidates have been downplaying their own debating skills, but yesterday, new
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jersey governor chris christie's said mitt romney is ready to rise to the occasion. a new poll is out that says who voters expect to win the debate. we will have the full story at 6:00. >> in the meantime, we turn to the weather. beautiful. >> will it stay that way? is some rain moving in? doug is here with the details. >> right now, just a few light showers west of the metro area, but tomorrow, the temperatures and the chances of rain increase. some of this front will not reach the ground. it will be very, very light. better chances of rain come overnight tomorrow as a storm center two hours southwest will make a move.
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in the next 36-42 hours we will get rain isolated thunderstorms are possible as well. 71 with cloudy skies in the nation's capital. isolated showers overnight, and then tomorrow, rain will be likely around the area. big changes this weekend. a lot to highlight in just a couple of minutes. >> we will see you then. prince george's county police are asking for the public's helps in getting a robbery suspect. this is in riverdale at about 5:30 p.m. on friday. police say they asked the man for a cigarette. one of them punched the man in the face and then took his wallet. >> officials are trying to figure out what sparked of flame that started yesterday
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evening in an apartment building on military place. today, residents tried to gather what they could from the scene. quakes this is a 24 unit building and nearly 50 people have been displaced. you can see the damage. the roof of this building is just about gone. it started on a balcony and it spread quickly. in this video taken by a firefighter on scene, you can see the flames, fanned by high winds, a growing and spreading. as the fire consumed the building commanders realize the situation has become too dangerous. they sound the evacuation horn. >> its just read from the back to the front and across. -- it just spread from the back to the front and across. i have never seen flames that high. i could feel the heat from the
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building. >> she felt helpless as she watched her neighbor's home go up in smoke. >> i feel so bad for the families. >> today, many of those families came back to gather whatever possessions they could salvage. for some, it was not much. >> we lost everything. >> her husband and young daughter were out when the fire started, but they came home to see firefighters aiming their water cannons into their little girl's room. >>three firefighters suffered minor injuries but everybody who lived in the building got out safely. we are told that the three firefighters injuries were very minor from falling debris. they were treated and released. at this hour, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> thank you. just one more win.
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that is all the nationals need to clinch the division. they have three chances left to do it but they will have to be the phillies here at home. we are live that national park with more. >> this is a huge one. fans are already making their way to the stadium. it is expected to be a packed house for tonight's game against the philadelphia phillies. many are hoping the evening will end with fireworks. >> grounds crews were out today preparing the field for what many hope will be a history making night. the box office was buzzing as well, with many fans wanting to be a part of the evening's excitement. long time now stand james howard is attending this evening's game. -- nonce fan james howard is attending this evening's game. the team has spent the last few
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days on the road, one victory away from winning their division entirely.


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